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FDRMUN to Host Select Committee Sessions at the Palace of the Parliament – A Historic First in Romania

BUCHAREST ━ The Franklin D. Roosevelt Model United Nations (FDRMUN), renowned as the most internationally-geared MUN conference in Romania, has made a historic announcement. This year, FDRMUN will host select committee sessions at the iconic Palace of the Parliament, a first in Romanian MUN history. This prestigious venue, steeped in political history, will provide an extraordinary stage for students from Romania and around the world to engage in diplomatic simulations and debates.

FDRMUN's decision to use the Palace of the Parliament underscores its commitment to providing an inclusive, globally-oriented platform for high school students. The conference, known for attracting diverse participants from various countries, offers a unique opportunity for students to debate pressing global issues in a setting of historical significance.

In addition to hosting committee sessions at the Palace, all opening and closing ceremonies of FDRMUN will also take place in this grand venue. The updated schedule, detailing which sessions will be held at the Palace and other logistical information, will be available soon on the FDRMUN website.

FDRMUN stands out for its focus on international engagement and cultural exchange. The conference provides an enriching experience where students can develop critical skills such as public speaking, negotiation, and problem-solving. By participating in FDRMUN, students from all over the world get the chance to stand on the shoulders of giants in the realm of international diplomacy, symbolized by the grandeur of the Palace of the Parliament.

For more information and updates on the FDRMUN conference, including application details and schedule revisions, visit FDRMUN's official website. This year's conference promises to be an unforgettable experience that combines the rich history of Romania with the vibrant, global spirit of Model United Nations.


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