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FDRMUN is an independent, student-run, charitable project that stands out as a beacon of financial inclusivity and global representation in the realm of Model United Nations. Founded with the firm belief that financial constraints should never be a barrier to participation, FDRMUN ensures that delegates from all economic backgrounds have the opportunity to engage in this enriching experience.

Located in the historic and vibrant city of Bucharest, Romania, FDRMUN prides itself on being the most globally inclusive MUN conference in the region. Annually held in February, the conference gathers a diverse array of students from various corners of the world, fostering a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and perspectives.

FDRMUN's mission extends beyond academic excellence in simulating United Nations proceedings. It is deeply committed to charitable causes, channeling its resources and efforts towards impactful social projects. This commitment to charity is woven into the fabric of the conference, making it not just a platform for debate and diplomacy, but also a force for positive change in the community.

As a student-run initiative, FDRMUN empowers young leaders, offering them a platform to hone their skills in leadership, negotiation, and diplomacy. The organization's structure promotes autonomy and innovation among its members, allowing students to shape the conference's direction and impact.

FDRMUN is more than just a Model United Nations conference. It is a testament to the power of youth in driving change, a symbol of financial inclusivity, and a celebration of global diversity, all within the historical and cultural backdrop of Bucharest.




FDRMUN, in its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, aims to achieve carbon neutrality. This initiative reflects our deep-rooted belief in the responsibility to combat climate change and promote a healthier planet for future generations.

Understanding the environmental impact of hosting a global conference, FDRMUN is dedicated to implementing a series of robust measures aimed at reducing its carbon footprint. These measures include:

  • Encouraging the use of public transport, carpooling, and providing electric vehicle charging stations to reduce emissions associated with travel to and from the conference.

  • Negotiating conference venues and ensuring they prioritize energy efficiency, utilize renewable energy sources, and implement waste reduction practices.

  • Prioritizing local suppliers and sustainable materials for all conference needs, from catering services to conference materials, minimizing the environmental impact of procurement and logistics.

  • Engaging in carbon offsetting projects, such as tree planting or investing in renewable energy projects, to balance out any unavoidable emissions generated by the conference.

  • Incorporating environmental education into the conference agenda to raise awareness among delegates about climate change and sustainability practices.

  • Regularly assessing our carbon footprint and seeking innovative ways to further reduce and eventually eliminate it.

FDRMUN's journey towards carbon neutrality is not just a commitment to environmental sustainability but also a demonstration of our leadership in fostering responsible and conscious global citizenship. This initiative aligns with our vision of creating a future where Model United Nations conferences not only foster diplomatic and leadership skills but also promote actions that contribute positively to the world we all share.

Through these efforts, FDRMUN once again sets a precedent, this time for environmental responsibility in the Model United Nations community.


Academic Ethos

At FDRMUN, we believe that the true essence of learning and diplomacy lies not just in competition, but more importantly, in collaboration. Our conference is designed to challenge students to find common ground and choose collaboration over competition, particularly with others from diverse backgrounds, geographies, and cultures. This philosophy is central to our mission of fostering a global community of young leaders who are equipped to navigate and appreciate the complexities of a diverse world.

In the dynamic environment of FDRMUN, delegates are encouraged to engage with peers from various countries and cultural backgrounds. This diversity is not only geographical but extends to encompass different socioeconomic, political, and educational contexts. By bringing together such a wide array of perspectives, the conference becomes a melting pot of ideas, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of global diversity.

The focus on collaboration is evident in the structure of our debates and negotiations. While delegates are motivated to represent their assigned countries' policies and perspectives effectively, they are equally encouraged to listen, empathize, and work towards mutually beneficial resolutions. This approach teaches the value of diplomatic skills like negotiation, compromise, and consensus-building, which are crucial in the real world of international relations and diplomacy.

Through various collaborative sessions, FDRMUN provides ample opportunities for delegates to build lasting relationships with peers from around the world. These interactions extend beyond formal debates, encompassing informal discussions and cultural exchanges, further enriching the delegates' experience and understanding of global cultures.

FDRMUN: Chairpersons sitting down anticipating the commencement of General Assembly, final day.

A Global Playground


FDRMUN stands as a vibrant global playground, a place where young minds from every corner of the world converge to engage, interact, and learn from one another. This dynamic setting is not just about simulating the United Nations; it's a celebration of global diversity, a platform where cultural boundaries dissolve, and a rich tapestry of ideas, traditions, and perspectives come to life.

In this global playground, the essence of FDRMUN's mission is fully realized. Delegates from a multitude of countries and cultures bring with them their unique viewpoints, experiences, and knowledge. This diversity is the lifeblood of the conference, making each discussion, debate, and resolution richer and more nuanced. It's a place where a student from a small island nation can voice their concerns on the same platform as a delegate from a major world power, where a diversity of perspectives is not just welcomed but is the cornerstone of every conversation.

The environment at FDRMUN is designed to foster open-mindedness and mutual respect. As delegates navigate through the complexities of international diplomacy and policy-making, they are also on a journey of cultural exchange and global citizenship. This journey is peppered with moments of learning and camaraderie – from sharing stories over a cup of coffee to collaborating on resolutions that address some of the most pressing global issues.

The global playground at FDRMUN is also a space of inclusivity and empowerment. It’s where language barriers are overcome, stereotypes are dismantled, and every voice is valued. Through various workshops, cultural events, and informal gatherings, delegates have the opportunity to showcase their cultures, learn about others, and build lasting friendships that transcend geographical boundaries.

This playground is a breeding ground for innovation and creativity. As delegates are exposed to a myriad of viewpoints and problem-solving approaches, they are inspired to think outside the box. This exposure to global diversity not only enhances their understanding of international affairs but also equips them with the ability to think globally in their future endeavors.


Empty Cafeteria



At FDRMUN, accessibility is not just a policy; it's a commitment deeply ingrained in our ethos, crucial for nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment. We recognize that to truly embrace diversity, we must actively work to eliminate barriers that prevent participation from various segments of society. This approach ensures that our conference is a melting pot of ideas, cultures, and perspectives, enriching the experience for everyone involved.

To address physical accessibility, FDRMUN meticulously negotiates conference venues that cater to the needs of all delegates, including those with mobility challenges. Facilities are equipped with essential amenities like ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms. We also provide resources like sign language interpreters and assistive listening devices, ensuring that delegates with hearing impairments can engage fully in the proceedings. This makes FDRMUN the first Romanian MUN conference with comprehensive access arrangements.

Financial barriers are another critical area FDRMUN focuses on. Our comprehensive financial aid program, offering scholarships, travel grants, and registration fee adjustments, aims to make the conference accessible to delegates from diverse economic backgrounds. The tiered pricing model based on country economic status further ensures equity and fairness in registration fees.

Cultural and social inclusivity is also a focal point at FDRMUN. We strive to create an environment where students from different cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds feel valued and respected. The conference features a range of activities and sessions designed to celebrate cultural diversity and foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

While we've made strides, our commitment to accessibility is an ongoing journey. FDRMUN continuously seeks feedback and collaborates with various experts to enhance accessibility in every aspect. We understand that by breaking down these barriers, we not only enrich the FDRMUN experience but also contribute to shaping a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse global community. In essence, accessibility at FDRMUN is about ensuring that every student, regardless of their background or circumstances, has an equal opportunity to participate, learn, and grow in this unique and enriching environment.


A Charitable, Student-led Project

FDRMUN stands as a shining example of the power and potential of student-led initiatives, particularly in the realm of education and global awareness. As an entirely student-driven project, FDRMUN showcases the remarkable capabilities of young individuals in organizing and executing a conference of such scale and significance.

The essence of FDRMUN being student-led is reflected in every aspect of its operation. From planning and coordination to execution, students take the lead, imbuing the conference with a sense of freshness, dynamism, and a perspective that is closely aligned with the participants' interests and concerns. This approach not only provides the students with invaluable practical experience in leadership, project management, and teamwork but also ensures that the conference remains relevant and engaging for its primary audience.

Furthermore, FDRMUN's status as a student-led initiative extends into its charitable ethos. The organizers, understanding the broader impact of their work, have committed to channeling the resources and efforts of FDRMUN towards various social causes. This aspect of the conference not only enhances the educational experience of the participants but also instills a sense of social responsibility and a desire to contribute positively to the world.

The student-led nature of FDRMUN is a testament to the capability of young minds to lead, innovate, and make a meaningful impact. It serves as a powerful reminder of the potential that lies within student initiatives to shape and influence both educational experiences and broader societal outcomes.

FDRMUN: Delegates sitting in committee room, day one.

Support our cause.

By sponsoring or advertising at FDRMUN, you’ll be helping us create opportunities that students won’t find in the classroom, while bringing your brand to bright, curious, and engaged high schoolers — the world’s leaders of tomorrow. Our administrative team is ready to work with you to figure out how we can best achieve your organization’s promotional goals at FDRMUN, and tell you more about our conference and our mission. Contact us at to discuss next steps and set up a call.

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