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The Founders of FDRMUN

FDRMUN is an independent, student-run, charitable project that stands out as a beacon of financial inclusivity and global representation in the realm of European MUNs. Founded with the firm belief that financial constraints should never be a barrier to participation, FDRMUN ensures that delegates from diverse economic backgrounds have the opportunity to engage in this enriching experience.

Adam Abdel-Hamid Ahmed, the founder of FDRMUN.

Secretary-General and Head of Conference for the 1st Edition

Adam Abdel-Hamid Ahmed

Hi!! I'm Adam and I'm absolutely thrilled to be spearheading this wonderful MUN conference and managing its organising team. As a student who has a deep passion for history and global politics, I understand the importance of conferences such as FDR, together with the discussions they bring forth.

I'm very excited to see FDR flourish and develop into the vivid, prolific MUN culture here in Romania, and I hope that your time in Bucharest will serve as an eye-opener for both the orgteam and for you, the visitor.

I'm 17, half-Egyptian and half-Romanian, and I love swimming, aiding others, airplanes, history and architecture (hence the buildings everywhere in the conference press materials :)).

Deputy Head of Conference for the 1st Edition

Maria Alecsandra Volintiru

Hello everyone! I am Maria Alecsandra Volintiru, Deputy Conference Head. I am excited to have this first edition of FDRMUN, hosted here at our highschool. As one of many medicine aspiring students, I believe that the MUN conference opens the opportunity for everyone to express and develop a part of themselves outside the strict curriculum and dive into topics that aren't covered in school. Thus, I hope that this MUN will be an eye-opener to many and will provide everyone with a lot of insight on current issues.


I am currently 17 years old, in year 12 (11th grade), studying in an IB programme and aiming big! I also love running, and athletics in general. :)

Maria Alecsandra Volintiru
Andreea Cioata

Head of Treasury and Finance for the 1st Edition

Andreea Cioata

Hi guys! I’m Andreea, Head of Treasury and Finance and I’m thrilled to be part of our school’s first MUN conference, FDRMUN.

As a humanities-oriented person, I believe FDR will allow our delegates to have a deeper grasp of the present world, whilst also being able to enjoy an international and welcoming community.

I’m 16 and planning on studying economics abroad, I love baking and also do a little bit of martial arts. See you all on the 16th!

Head of Event Management for the 1st Edition

Tudor Dan

Hello everyone! My name is Tudor, and I am thrilled to serve as Head of Staff and Event Management for the first edition of the FDRMUN conference. I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity to organise a MUN conference that will encourage participants to engage in diplomacy, debate, and critical thinking. 


I am a 17-year-old student in year 12, studying biology, chemistry, and mathematics at A level. I like swimming and spending quality time with friends and family, as well as volunteering and helping others as much as I can.

Tudor Dan
Smaranda Bota

Head of Press and External Communication for the 1st Edition

Smaranda Bota

Hello!! I'm Smaranda and I'm super excited to be part of this year's FDRMUN, especially in the field of press and communications.

I'm an IB student studying English, chemistry and biology at higher level, and i'm thrilled at the opportunity to work on something that could not only benefit our local community, but also our international community.

See you at the conference!! <3

Head of Protocol for the 1st Edition

Aurora Tucci

Hello! I’m Aurora, I’m 16, and Head of Protocol. Our team can proudly say we are all incredibly excited to be hosting FDRMUN at our school. I firmly believe that MUN opens up opportunities for students to develop their knowledge in subjects that schools do not usually engage with, as well as allowing students to socialize in a secure and friendly environment.

I’m passionate about art, architecture, and I love to travel around the world to experience new cultures.

Aurora Tucci
Mengye Chen

Head of Administrative Staff for the 1st Edition

Mengye Chen

Hi everyone,

My name is Mengye Chen and I am honoured to serve as the Head of Administrative Staff for the upcoming FDRMUN conference.

I am on my first year of IB. I enjoy practicing my piano skills or doing pilates to unwind. I am confident that this year’s FDRMUN conference will be a valuable experience for all participants, and I cannot wait to see the incredible discussions and solutions that will emerge from it.

Head of Sponsorships and Community Outreach for the 1st Edition

Maria Volintiru

Hi, I’m Maria Volintiru and I’m head of sponsorships and community outreach. I am glad to welcome you to FDRMUN. A little bit about me is that I love Stand up Paddling, I enjoy reading and I have 2 dogs which I love very much. I like to go to the seaside and my favourite actor is Thimotée Chalamet. Can’t wait to meet you all. ❤️

Maria Volintiru

Head of Delegate Services and IT for the 1st Edition

Sara Elena Bruj

​Hello!! My name is Sara and I am the Head of Delegate Services & IT. I am delighted to be part of the organising team of the very first FDRMUN conference hosted at our highschool. Being a passionate debater myself, I believe that MUN conferences are the best way of expressing yourself and if you are quite shy (like I was when I first started debating), they are a great opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone. I hope everyone will have a great experience and I am looking forward to all the exciting debates coming up! :)

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