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Pricing plans

Learn more about our many fair and transparent pricing plans.

Please note that these fees are for pre-planning and budgetary purposes only. Actual fees may vary.

What's included?

3 meals, a buffet and refreshments.

Bus charter to and from the Republica metro.

Guidance when finding accommodation.

A walking tour of Bucharest's main sights.

CAS guidance and help.

The Global Village social event.

An induction day for less experienced delegates.

The conference, with free access to ISB's state-of-the-art facilities.

An incredible experience :)

There is no application fee. Billing is to be completed on the basis of the invoices sent from after acceptance to the conference.

Image by Adrian Dascal

Discover more.

Get the information booklet and read about accommodation, life in Bucharest, transportation, ISB, the rules of procedure, and many, many more

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