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Committees: at a glance.

Have a look at the well-developed issues present in each council and committee at FDRMUN.

More information on committees, context, matrices and main actors to be published in coming days.


General Assembly 1

  • Preventing covert deployment of WMDs in disputed territories.

  • Considering the impact on international disarmament and development inflicted by the proprietary dominion of the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal.

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General Assembly 3

  • Addressing international extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances, in the context of international defectors, refugees and ex-POWs.

  • Safeguarding Childhood: Combating child labour and enabling universal quality education standards, worldwide.


General Assembly 4

  • Discussing the ramifications of French postcolonial policy in West Africa, especially considering the impact of the CFR Franc and the current political situation in Niger.

  • Tackling the global illicit trade of cultural artifacts.


Economic and Social 1: Labour

  • Ensuring universal labour rights in the growing proliferation of the concept of the gig-economy, and combatting the abuse of contractors by MNCs.

  • Tackling the phenomenon of forced refugees, especially considering the current labour situation in the UAE.


Economic and Social 2: Equity

  • Addressing the increasing incidence of global income inequality, housing affordability, and finding solutions to tax havens and international tax evasion.

  • Finding solutions to anti-insurrectional development, especially considering the widespread proliferation of purpose-built capital cities, especially considering Egypt.